Elex – Review

A rough start with a steep learning curve (If you not used to Piranha Bytes Games), but after a few hours It grabbed me so that I couldn’t stop. A fascinating world with great lore and a story that works well. At first I was skeptical, Elex does not set the bar high when it comes to first impressions, but having spent money and having the need for a RPG I stuck around, just long enough to allow it to blow me away.  Not that it’s perfect in anyway nor does it represent AAA quality standards, but the world is so believable, the variety of quests are great and the exploration is phenomenal.  Let me take you through my experience with various different elements of Elex. Combat Combat is where they throw you a curve ball, when you not used to playing Piranha bytes games. Death becomes your best friend in the early stages of the game and until you understand that there is no level scaling and higher level creatures are placed on your path from the get go, you will have a tough time traversing from place to place. Piranha Bytes changed their old approach and opted for  a stamina based system, making combat a beast on its own. Placing correctly timed attacks while focusing on your Stamina bar, while you dodge incoming enemies and at the same time keeping track of your special bar (that was a mouth full) is something to get used to but makes combat, although it needs work to smooth it out somewhat, extremely rewarding. Weapons gear and armor When you start questing in the first couple of hours, weapons and armor are hard to come by, you struggle to adapt to the way enemies populate the vast environment, but when you finally get the hang of it and know your way around, exploration gets easier and finding epic loot is worth the blood sweat and tears. Firstly, there is a vast and nearly unlimited amount of different weapons and gadgets from normal one-handed swords to grenades and laser spewing rifles. Piranha bytes made sure to give every player the freedom of choosing weather you are going the old school medieval way or the futuristic sci-fi  way. This is where they put a lot of effort in. Each and every weapon has its own animations making that weapon feel unique to its class and although the combat system itself is a bit rough, they placed a lot of effort on the uniqueness of an item. The only aspect of Combat that does not sit well and feels completely out of place is the use of guns. Guns feel clunky and all gun type weapons felt exactly the same and was not entirely a satisfying experience. Exploration This is one aspect of the game I would recommend other developers to follow. The world of Magalan is a harsh and dangerous place making exploration difficult at times, but it is so rewarding that you want more. It never becomes a repetitive grind and each place you explore, you feel the need to explore more and wander off track just to see what’s next. The landscapes smoothly merge with each other and the environments make Magalan feel like a real living and breathing world. Although some areas lack visual presence, the sheer size of the game world and the amount of detail they placed in the world makes up for poor visuals and is something you can overlook. Skills and leveling. Leveling up is a simple system but as exploration it is deep, rewarding and gives character customization a lot of depth. Gaining a attribute point each time you level up to spend on 5 different attributes and selecting which way your character grows. The spending of points become more difficult the higher you level as you will need to spend more points on a single attribute to advance the specific attribute as you progress. But skill points can only be spent with certain trainers that you find in the game world. The leveling system felt really good and makes you feel that you are actually progressing your character according to your play style. Choices Games often carry on about how choices affect the outcome of your story, some games pull it off well and some don't. Elex on the other hand pulls it off from the minute you start the game, you will notice that choices can have tiny effects on quests or on normal dialogue between your character and NPC's or your choices might have far reaching consequences affecting the entire outcome of the game. Different choices also influences  your Cold meter, which will either go up or down depending on the different choices you make and it has an overall influence on how NPC's will react to your character. Verdict  All in all Elex is a good RPG with an ambitious approach that needs a bit more polish. Elex delivers on everything you would want from a RPG,  from exploration,crafting, combat and deep customization. Elex brings back some old School RPG elements in a fascinating and mostly breathtaking game world. With sometimes clunky mechanics, poor facial animation and a combat system that needs some work. I would recommend Elex as a good RPG that ticks a lot of boxes but requires some technical improvements. The studio is definitely working towards the right direction. I rate Elex a Good: This review is based on the Xbox one version of the game.
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Elex – Everything we know

A Game I have been looking forward to for some time now with mixed feelings as launch and pre-order time grew closer. When I first saw Elex I was blown away, it was something new!  Something different! Something I have been waiting for for quite a while, since my previous RPG was the Witcher 3. But the more I look at the game the more excited I get, I think Pirhana bytes are trying to set new boundaries for themselves rather than trying to match boundaries set by other companies and rather achieving new heights in this genre. Elex is just a couple of weeks away, so let’s get into everything we know thus far. The world of Magalan and play time: Elex will be set on the game world of Magalan which was an advanced futuristic world until it was hit by a meteor. The Producers have confirmed that the game has more than a 100 plus hours of content if you complete the full game. You can also look forward to no loading screens, a smooth transition throughout the world, and when you finally finish the game and the credits roll, you can head back to complete those side missions you might have missed.  If you played Gothic 3 you will be pleased to know that the world is about 1.5 times the size of Gothic 3, with various different locations and terrain. You can also expect dynamic encounters when roaming around, Animals and creatures will attack each other and when creatures approach in close proximity to the town guards, they wil defend the town. There is also a justice system, the more crimes committed in a city, the more restricted your actions will become inside the walls of that town. Classes, factions and progression: In Elex, progression is endless, the Producers have confirmed that there will be no level cap for your character, Factions on the other hand will have a level cap as you progress and complete a certain or every faction’s campaign. There are 3 Factions that you can join, or you can complete each faction’s missions or campaign as you progress, joining a certain faction will place you in a bad light towards other factions, so you will have to choose wisely. The factions are: The Berserkers who use ELEX for magical purposes .The Clerics who use the substance to power their machines, or the Outlaws who embrace an "everyone for themselves" philosophy.  Weapons and Gear In Elex you will be equipped with a jet pack to be able to traverse the entire universe seamlessly and effortlessly. One thing I am really pleased with is the freedom of choice when it comes to weapons, gear and spending your XP points on attributes. The producers have given the player total freedom, if you want to be a sword wielding player with magic or a gun crazed maniac the choice is yours. The producers have promised that Elex will have a large amount of weapons and variants which range from sword, shields, bow and arrows, magic and a large variety of guns. Im really looking forward to spending some serious time on Elex and I truly hope Pirhana bites delivers on this highly ambitious game. Make sure to grab Elex as it hits the Xbox one on the 17th of October 2017.
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RagingInfernoZA Takes a closer look at Destiny 2

So the Destiny 2 Beta has come and gone, we were even blessed with a couple of extra days to play the beta and get our fill of some glorious looter shooter action.   Now I’m huge Destiny fan, I love the franchise but I’m also the first to admit that it has flaws. The Destiny 2 beta would then, of course, have its own flaws to contend with. The beta starts you out in the middle of a battle where our beloved Tower is under siege from the Red Legion, a feared Cabal war tribe. If you’ve played the prequel you’d immediately know that Bungie has really sunk their teeth into the story for Destiny 2 which is a big change up for the series which previously had a very stuttered and hard to follow storyline up until the Destiny: The Taken King DLC. The story mission was littered with cut scenes as well as major NPCs popping in to our mission and interacting with us which is a first for Destiny. But while the storytelling has picked up, I felt that during the PvE play I felt constantly underpowered, now I’ll chalk it down to a change in the weapon balancing as well as it being a very limited beta. Bungie have also made changes since the beta build of the game, mainly they increased power ammo drops so you’ll be better equipped to handle some of the tougher enemies. The strike was another example of improved storytelling as well as an introduction to some new boss fight mechanics. I’m optimistic that this is not just a flash in the pan and that we’ll see more dynamic boss fights in D2. I loved the strike, despite feeling underpowered by myself with a full fireteam I felt we were always up to the challenge. The gun play in Destiny is unparalleled, running, jumping, flying around and shooting your enemies and using your abilities to escape or protect your teammates or just HAM on some enemies is just tons of fun. Now we move on to PvP, I like the reduction in team size from 6 players to 4, it feels like it will help balance the game out a bit better as well as make it more competitive. The 2 maps we played (Midtown and Endless Vale) were stunning to look at and pretty fun to play too. Both game modes on display were good fun too, I had some epic countdown games and some furiously fast and frenzied control games. I always have hope for Destiny’s PvP because Bungie are always tweaking and improving it as they go and they learn from past mistakes. So who knows? Maybe D2 can help Bungie break into the esports scene, I certainly hope it can.   So all in all, D2 felt exactly like what it is, a sequel and sequels generally bring improvements and so far, it’s looking good. So I’ll just ask you this... Will you join me fellow Guardians? Will you watch your legend grow? Hopefully I’ll see you guys in the Farm on September 6th. RagingInfernoZA, out.   James Mackay better known as RagingInfernoZA to the Xbox Community is a dedicated Gamer and Xbox Fanatic with a passion for Destiny.
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Citadel: Forged with Fire, What we Know!

This is not Ark with spells or Harry Potter living in Tamriel, This is Citadel: Forged with Fire, a new Sandbox MMORPG that will knock you right off the chair you currently sitting on. Last night the Indie Developer Blue Isle Studios announced their new up and coming Open World Game, surprising the masses with their launch trailer. Blue Isle Studios is the same developer who brought us Slender: The Arrival and Valley. Early axes is lucky enough to bring you the ins and outs of what we know so far and we will be covering Citadel: Forged with Fire in-depth. We will have hands-on with the early access closed beta when it arrives, as we have been granted early access into the game. What we know so far: In Citadel: Forged with Fire, players are given complete freedom to determine their own destiny, become the ultimate wizard that you have always dreamed about. Forge alliances with fellow players, Visit uncharted territories, tame mighty beasts or hunt other wizards. The path you take is yours to choose. Game Features Taming: Tame Orcs, Horses Direwolves Dragons and other mighty creatures while you travel the vast lands. Alliances: Build your ultimate house or castle establish a hierarchy and prepare to battle other houses to become the ultimate Wizard. Explorations: In this massive open world you will be able to visit sweeping plains dense forests, craggy mountains, infested swamps or frozen snow swept lands. Is it a bird or a plane? Use your majestic powers to take to the skies on a dragon an eagle or on the back of a broomstick the choice is yours. Build or destroy castles: Why stay in a house when you can be the king? Build epic castles and use your magic abilities to fortify or enhance your fortress. If building is not for you then go and destroy your enemies castle with the dynamic destruction system. I’m here for the red carpet event: Dress your mage Whichever way you want, customization is endless with the large variety of clothing and weapon options available. You can make yourself stand out. No more running into another player that looks like your identical twin.   Make sure to follow us at Early Axes as we will bring you all the juicy insights and hands on impressions of Citadel: Forged with Fire.
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Tell us your Xbox Story!

Why Xbox?   My question is vague, but have you ever thought, what made you choose your beloved console of choice? I grew up gaming, I had a dad that was kind enough to always ensure we had a PC that was gaming capable in the house, although he never gamed, I would spend weekends playing to my heart’s desire. I have gamed on PC and was a dedicated PC gamer at one stage and I also spent a fair share of time on PlayStation.  

Then I met the Xbox 360 and my entire life changed, Not in an instant but over time, especially when the Xbox One came along.  This is where I truly engulfed myself in weird and wonderful environments, spending countless hours trying to explore the entire map, find that one last puzzle piece or slaying that final beast.

Xbox has changed everything that gaming meant to me, not due to the games but due to the community. Xbox has something uniquely different to offer, a lot of folks would disagree and say but PlayStation is also a console with a great community and has better exclusive games. It also might just be personal preference, but have you ever asked yourself why a certain console just seems right?

Firstly, the great community. I have played games that I would never even thought of buying just because members in the community recommended it and I never regretted it once. Secondly, I have made and met actual friends and what I mean with actual friends is, that the Xbox community is such an amazing bunch of people that I have actually made real long term friends, from gaming together to “braaing” together. There is absolutely nothing better than to go online and quickly have a party chat with your friends without even starting up a game. Thirdly, the Xbox offers more overall, I have 2 little ones running around and I am adamant to teach them everything I know of gaming, my daughter is 5 years old and she is a Star Wars Fanatic so with Co-pilot we can Play together, her hands aren’t that big to reach all the buttons yet, but seeing that face light up as she shoots something is a feeling you can’t describe and the same goes for my son who is 3 and can’t get enough of Cars (the movie) and cars in general (I have probably watched Cars 1 and 2 a hundred times by now) But having co-pilot once again I can spend real quality time with him playing Forza Horizon 3. We do hundreds of stuff together apart from gaming but Xbox offers you a full family experience like nothing on earth and that is my reason for owning an Xbox and also why I will never part ways with it. Gaming is a magnificent place to spend time in, but Gaming on Xbox is life changing and really caters for all.   Give us your Xbox Story and you could win a 3 Month live Gold voucher. Comment your story below.
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What’s hot or Not in July!

E3 feels as if it was ages ago, they gave us a taste of what is to come in the next couple of months. They showcased some awesome and exciting new titles but as we all know all good things come to an end and now the real wait is upon us, as we slumber back into our daily routines grinding away at this weird senseless thing called real life. There is nothing worse than waiting for a game you desperately desire. July certainly is not one of the biggest Gaming months but at least there is something for everyone…..I hope. Let’s dive straight into things and take a look at what is coming to our beloved Xbox this July. 1. Black the Fall Become friends with weird and random creatures and solve puzzle in this atmospheric side swiping shooter, coming to Xbox on the 11th of July 2. Minecraft Story Mode: season 2 Join old friends and create new ones when you take Jesse on a brand new adventure, Grab the 5 part second season on the 11th of July.

3.  Destiny 2 Beta

This is what a lot of gamers have been waiting for. You can finally get your hands on Destiny 2’s beta sessions. Players that have Early access to Destiny 2 ‘s beta can jump right in on the 19th of July. For those without early access to the Beta do not fear as you will only need to wait 2 days until you can play to your heart's content. Open Beta starts on the 21st of July. 4. Fortnite Fortnite is a cooperative sandbox survival game and it is all about exploration, scavenging the lands for items, building and fortifying structures and creating epic weapons. Your aim will be to work together to scavenge loot and build your fortress by day and defend it by night from waves and waves of monsters. Fortnite arrives on the 25th of July Before I head off to my normal life cycle and prepare myself to level up (although I still have about 3 months to go before that happens) make sure to pop in at our resident Tech expert Bigjapester11 for your daily dose of everything Xbox and be sure to go check out Cod3bend3r as she brings you the hottest current gaming and Xbox deals and indulge yourself in her epic reviews of current and older games.
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Call of Duty WW2 Multiplayer Breakdown!

Back in my school days I was a Call of Duty freak, every weekend we would race down to the nearest shop, stock up on all your gaming session essentials which included ……… every sugary digestible thing that was available. Then we would make our way to our closest internet café which hosted COD2 sessions on weekends, that is where we lived and breathed week in and week out. When Call of Duty WW2 was announced, nostalgia grabbed me like a lion grabs a springbok on a hunt, I was hooked and couldn’t contain myself it was as if something inside of me was lost and then I found it. Just the thought of getting back to the good old classic Call of Duty blew my mind,  getting down and dirty with mud (blood) on your face ………. You big disgrace, waving your banner all over the place … we will………. we will rock you……………. Ok that escalated quickly but now at least it is out of my system. Let's get down to the good stuff , Call of Duty the original amazing heart stopping awesomeness is back and this is what you can expect from WW2’s multiplayer: Head Quarters Another new and inviting addition to the series is Head Quarters a central hub which supports up to 48 players at any given time, where you can socialize, drop in and out of multiplayer games, create and setup 1v1 duals or even try out the new firing range. This brings an end to the boring lobbies and creates something entirely different. Kills streaks are back If you watched the trailer you would have noticed planes dropping in and creating absolute chaos. These options and a variety of other options will become available to you when you hit that certain kill streak. Divisions Create a class is out and Divisions are in and this brings a more realistic approach to the Call of Duty series. There are 5 different division for either Axis and Allies each with its own look and set of skills. Perks have been removed but customizing your soldier is still available and will be better than before. Certain divisions will be more suitable for different maps and gives each player a feeling of importance. The Divisions are:
  • Infantry
  • Armor
  • Airborne
  • Mountain
Divisions are classes but you won’t be limited to one division you can swop out weapons and gear as you feel and according to your play style or map needs. War Mode A new mode that grabbed my attention as they announced it. It’s almost a battlefield 1 spin off from the very popular operations mode. War Mode places you in a 6v6 scenario where you and your team either have to defend or attack. Attacking teams will have various objectives to clear or eliminate which the other team then has to defend. This is an exciting new mode and I for one am curious to see how it will play. Beta Xbox one beta will start on the 1st of September and run through until the 4th of September The next major live stream will feature the Zombie mode and I am sure that most hardcore Call of Duty Fans are looking forward to see some serious Nazi Zombie action. Call of duty arrives on the 3rd of November 2017, to be part of the Beta Pre order now.
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Bethesda’s E3 Conference what Xbox users can expect!

Hey Everyone! missed the Bethesda Conference? well ill give you the short and sweet of  what went down. I am quite the Bethesda fan and was super excited to see what they had to offer at this year’s E3 conference. Bethesda managed to showcase 9 games in total and good news is that all of them are coming out in 2017. I personally thought that Bethesda held back a bit and I was expecting a bit more but Let’s get straight into things and have a look at what went down at Bethesda’s E3 conference of 2017 and what will be coming to Xbox one.   1. New content coming to Fallout 4 and Skyrim through creation clubs Bethesda is still working hard on bringing new content to some of its older games that are still doing incredibly well. Independent creators and Bethesda employees brings new content to the likes of Skyrim and Fallout. Ranging from new weapons, armor accessories and more. Creation Club is coming to Xbox one in 2017.   2. Bethesda reveals 2 new add-ons for the elder scrolls online They haven’t quite finished putting in the hours for The Elder Scrolls online that recently saw Morrowind making its way to the already gigantic world and now Bethesda has announced two more expansions coming later this year. Horns of the Reach and Clockwork City is currently in development and not a lot was said about these expansions. If you are an Elder Scrolls Online fan we will keep you posted on further details.   3. The Elder Scroll legend is getting a Skyrim expansion The Elder Scrolls: Legends the Card Game featuring Characters from the Elder Scrolls series will soon be updated with new content ranging from new arenas, tournament and a Dark Brotherhood Story Mode.  Also making its way is the Skyrim expansion, Heroes of Skyrim arriving June 29th   4. The Evil within 2 A Rumor that turned into reality as The Evil Within 2 was announced.  Check out the E3 announcement trailer above. Coming on Friday the 13th October 2017   5.Dishonored: death of the outsider Another announcement was the stand alone entry in the Dishonored series named Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. The Game will keep some of its iconic characters and will feature Daud and Billie Lurk from previous installments. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider will be available on Xbox One on the 15th of September.   6.Wolfenstein II : The New Colossus For the finally Bethesda topped of the night (or early hours of the morning if you were watching) with the announcement of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The Game will take place in Roswell, New Orleans and a “Post Nuclear Manhattan” It is set to arrive on 27 October 2017 Remember to stop by during the week of E3 for exclusive news on everything Xbox . Make sure you check out our tech guy for up to date Xbox console news and other tech related posts and when you done there pop in at Cod3bend3r's blogs to get your inside info on epic local deals on gaming and other Xbox related items.      
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