Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed – Review

The world of gaming is a complex place with so many options in everything.  Going beyond just brand loyalty and going into quality, compatibility, and affordability.
Many brands out there will get one or two of those right, but that will very often come at the expense of the third. With the Deathadder series of gaming mice, Razer has endeavored to solve all three of those things and cater to all ranges and needs of gamers.  From the Deathadder V2 to the Deathadder V2 Pro.  There really is something for everyone when it comes to these mice, and from the company that has been pioneering the way for gaming mice for many years

Performance and Design

Ergonomics was the point of the design when it came to the Deathadder series and, more specifically, the Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed.  With over a decade’s worth of awards behind the name, Razer really has gone from strength to strength when it comes to the design of its Deathadder mice.  Leaving what works, improving with technology, and being ruthless with what doesn’t work, Razer has found a winning recipe in their design formula.
Your hand will feel right at home with a right-handed design, shaped mouse buttons, and a hand-filling design.

With the focus on ergonomics, one would think that everything else would then play second-fiddle to it – but no.  It’s like Razer took all their designs and processes and worked ergonomics into it.  With that being said, ergonomics is the theme, but performance, quality, and design are the order of the day.

With Razer Hyperspeed Wireless, the Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed brings high performance and low latency to your fingertips.  

Razer leaves the choice up to you.  The Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed can be powered up by either one AA battery, or by one AAA battery.  Obviously, the AAA battery will have a lower lifespan as its smaller capacity will deplete quicker.  Also – only one type can be used at a time but having the option for both is a massive bonus.

The Deathadder can be connected in two different ways – 2.4GHz wireless or Bluetooth 5.0, and both have their perks.  With Wireless, you unlock the true potential of Razer’s Hyperspeed Wireless and get near flawless response times, while connecting via Bluetooth allows you to game for longer with no interruptions.
Connecting via the Wireless adapter will keep you gaming for up to 235 hours, while gaming through the Bluetooth connection will keep you for up to 615 hours (this is with the included AA battery).  Again – the choice is up to the user whether you want to push for performance or longevity.

The Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed also boasts 7 programmable buttons, allowing you, once again, to take control of your experience and customise your mouse to what best suits your needs.
Razer opted to move the CPI control buttons from below the scroll wheel, to the top left of the mouse, just outside the left click. This decision may have been influenced by the fact that the top cover is completely removable. These buttons are also programmable (part of the seven), so you can adjust them to what suits you. With the change in location – some people, especially those with smaller hands, may struggle to reach them if they are remapped. Personally, I had no issue reaching them or with their location but my hands are large and I left them set on their default function.

The mouse itself uses Razer Mechanical Gen-2 switches which are rated to last up to 60 million clicks. So you’ll be able to hang onto this one for a long time. The switches feel light and highly responsive, in all regards, including the mouse wheel click which requires minimum push and not much action. All buttons are firm enough to ensure no accidental presses but light enough that you don’t need to overly exert yourself, allowing for longer gaming time without fatigue.

The Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed is the perfect mouse for any situation.  It brings pro-tier performance and quality to any mousepad, allowing even the most entry-level of gamers and setups to feel like a pro.

My Experience

The Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed was my first real experience in the world of wireless gaming mice.  Having always stood by the fact that wires, provided they were long enough and neatly managed, didn’t really phase me.  And I do still stand by this – just a little less strongly than before.

When I first received the Deathadder V2 for review, I was immediately attracted by its simplicity in design.  No funny angles or excessive RGB (no RGB in fact), just simple, elegance in black with its flowing design.  Modeled after older, more traditional mouse types with ergonomics at the forefront of thought.

The mouse itself was very easy to set up, with the top “palm plate” (as I’m calling it) easily lifting to reveal the battery slot and the wireless dongle.  The Deathadder can be run in wireless and Bluetooth and this can be easily switched between with the small switch placed on the bottom of the mouse.  Using it in Bluetooth will give you longer battery life but using it in Wireless will give you the true Razer Hyperspeed experience, so – using the battery given to me in the box, I smashed that switch down to Wireless and set it up using the dongle, which was as easy as just plugging it in.

It took me some time to get used to the Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed design as I felt that my hand would almost slip off on the feel of the plastic and the away slope of the mouse.  This was rather disconcerting at first, but the mouse fit my hand like it was made for it after a little while.  Having slightly larger hands, I found the weight and size of the Deathadder just right with my own palm grip style on the mouse.  My fingers found the buttons easily and were at no risk of slipping off or missing their mark when returning from pressing other buttons as the grooved design would allow my fingers to just settle in easily and comfortably.

I also found the free flow of having no wires and the middleweight of the mouse really did improve my gaming experience as wrist flicks became deadlier and I saw a big change in my K/D. I know – a bad workman blames his tools but the right tool for the job definitely makes the job easier and the Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed, for me, is the right tool for the job.  Even without the +10 RGB bonus to all stats.


The Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed, from Razer, really does feel like a mouse that ticks all the right boxes.
With it’s ergonimcs, performance and simple elegance, this mouse will look good with any gaming set up.

With the minor drawback of no RGB – a bigger drawback for those who like to feel like they’re gaming in a 90’s dance club, there really isn’t much bad about this mouse. It only uses wireless, whereas the Deathadder V2 Pro boasts the option to game via speedflex cable, the battery life and easy way to monitor your battery percentage (and many other things) through the Razer companion software ensures that you won’t be left in the lurch with just a little look now and then.

A big thank you to Apex Interactive for allowing us the chance to review this incredible product.