When For Honor was announced quite some time ago, the reaction was amazing.  People were truly interested to experience the fresh take on medevil combat, which in general had me thinking hack and slash, and a little more hack and slash. Then the Beta arrived and with great anticipation I signed up, hell I even signed my wife up to double my chances of getting access and when that email arrived I drove home from work with some Viking chants which I had specifically downloaded to feast upon while playing For Honor.  What met me was interesting...  The fighting system was "involved" for a lack of a better word which I liked, graphically it was superb as well, but the matchmaking and networking was atrocious, once again I use that word because I am not allowed to use profanity (or am I?) Image result for for honor 1080p wallpaper After that, and many horrible reviews, I decided to let the For Honor ship sail...  But in the back of my mind my inner-viking still needed that release, so I frequently scoured the online store waiting and hoping for a discount or special or something to justify purchasing a possibly-broken game. Suddenly, without warning For Honor went free-to-play the weekend past and I made a point to jump at the opportunity to pick up my axe and wield it for the cause!  Here is what I found! Image result for for honor 1080p wallpaper Ubisoft has certainly worked on their matchmaking and networking issues, during my time spent on the battlefield, which was 2 days due to a large 53Gb download I was pleasantly suprised.  I found matches with relative ease compared to other Pier to Pier hosted games such as COD WW2 and the matchmaking was decent, myself being a level 1, 2 and now 4 warrior, I was never matched with anyone above my skill level. I never once felt out of my depth in 1v1 situations feeling like I didn't stand a chance of winning.  Which I think means matchmaking is perfect. Image result for for honor 1080p wallpaper My opinion would be to anyone who has had an eye on For Honor and was not sure whether to get it or not, that now is the perfect time to get it.  Ubisoft has actively been fixing it and improving on it and they now have a very capable game and at R299 it would be silly to not jump at it.  Take heed tho this game, like many Ubisoft title such as R6 Siege comes with a very steep learning curve but it is extremely satisfying once you get the hang of it!   Hope to see you all on the battlefield, either by my side, or clashing swords with me!