Assassins Creed Origins – Loot Boxes

Posted By : Aiden Markus
Date Posted : 23/10/2017

Recently Assassins Creed fans noticed during a gameplay trailer that there were ominous signs hinting at in-game purchases with not only in-game currency but real-world currency as well which sparked a massive outcry and infuriated fans world-wide!

Ashraf Ismail the game director for Origins was quick to settle this problem stating that the vendor in question is a very special vendor in the world because he will be selling carbon crystals, which in the world of Origins are the rarest items needed for crafting.  Ismail went on to say that theses Crystals could be found in-game but would be very tough to track down so the idea was that if you had money you could purchase straight from the merchant and cut out the search.

The fact that you will be able to find the loot in-world is a real positive especially for those players who find themselves being Egyptian High-rollers.

Ismail also dropped another big bomb when he said that all the content that can be purchased from the E-store for Origins could be found in-game, after some grinding and searching and many hours of collecting loot ofcourse but the fact that all items can be acquired without having to spend a cent more than you have already paid for the game is great.

Hopefully developers can take a page from AC Origins book and learn to not place your game behind pay-walls.

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