Ghost Recon WILDLANDS Free Weekend!

Posted By : JP Du Preez
Date Posted : 10/10/2017

Even though we are only heading in to Tuesday it doesn’t mean that we have not started thinking about what we are going to be doing this weekend.  With no more Springbok rugby on the cards your console is looking like the best option am I right?  But there is the age old problem of what to play?  Luckily the guys and gals from Ghost Recon Wildlands have you covered!

In anticipation of the release of their new PvP team deathmatch mode called Ghost War dropping tomorrow the people at Ubisoft thought it wise to give all of us who have not yet had the luxury of playing this amazing game, a free to play weekend!  Yes free to play, not just a demo, not just a few stages, the WHOLE base game as well as the new PvP deathmatch mode!

For those folks who haven’t jumped off their seats to go and check this out yet, the pre-loading is live NOW!  So get downloading and jump into this awesome game!


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