The Xbox Ultimate Subscription

Posted By : Grant von Berg
Date Posted : 10/04/2019

With the planned increase in the cost of the Gold subscription, gamers all over have taken to social media to express their feelings on it, and none of it good. Now, while this article is not about that, and all the other price hikes that the world, and us South Africans, are experiencing at the moment, it is about a light at the end of this price increase tunnel.

Microsoft has recently shed some light on a new service that will make those already making use of both Gold and Game Pass very happy and encourage other gamers to get into the barrel of glory that is Xbox’s “Netflix type gaming” subscription. This light takes the form of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

This subscription allows gamers to combine the services into one easy to manage, and slightly lower, payment and ensures that the gaming will go on, provided Eskom plays ball too…

The announced cost of the Ultimate Subscription is $14.99, saving gamers around $5 a month! That’s a couple extra energy drinks (I’m looking at you Mucho Loco) and snacks for your gaming time. Unfortunately, whether this service will be available in South Africa is yet to be seen, but us South Africans are rather genius when it comes to finding loop holes.

Now some of you must be thinking that you can’t wait to make use of this service, but there is MORE! Can you believe it?
If you are part of the Xbox Insider program, you can make use of this service for ONE DOLLAR A MONTH until it’s release, which only gives you a month as it releases on the 7th of May. But that’s still a massive saving!

This new service has been well received, as I think it should, world over and I cannot wait to make use of it – if I can.

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