Posted By : Aiden Markus
Date Posted : 09/10/2017

Many people find the backwards compatibility feature to be a bit of a waste one the Xbox One, other people like the boss of Xbox, Phil Spencer says that Backwards Compatibility is a key feature to Microsoft for a very simple yet noble reason.

“Games are art, and with Backwards compatibility we have a way of preserving that art for future gamers”  This gives the future generations the opportunity to experience masterpieces such as Bioshock and Red Dead Redemption which would otherwise be lost to the ages.  With Backwards Compatibility coming to the original Xbox  games as well be sure that you will be able to delve into your dusty game collection and pull out one of your all time classics and boot it up to show where your gaming passion started all those many years ago.

Good on you Microsoft for providing a way to allow the younger generation to experience the full glory of gaming as well as giving us all the opportunity to go back into the magic of the past and experience it again!


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