If there’s something weird about your Xbox One

Call Our Tech Guy! (*Ghost busters theme song)

Our Tech Guy!

(Real Name: JP du Preez / Gamer Tag: BigJapester11)

Hey there Guys and Girls I am BigJapester11, your friendly neighborhood Tech Guy!  I will be giving you the latest and greatest news reviews and all things tech and support related.  Want to know what can make your aiming better in that pesky shooter?  Been stuck with an error you just can’t seem to solve?  Or do you just need some advice on what new headset to buy?  I will have you covered!  Just leave me a message on my page or check my articles.  I am also an Xbox Ambassador so I will be able to give you firsthand knowledge of the wonderful machine that is the Xbox.  Don’t be afraid to add my on Live and join me for a few games!

I am an engineer by day, Gamer all the time in between!  I hail from the friendly city Port Elizabeth, I am a avid sports fan and love music!  Gaming is a passion of mine and the technical aspects I have crafted through my job as well as firsthand experience with many problems be it software or hardware related!

Hope I can help you all in the near future!  Don’t be afraid to drop me a mail and chat about what you want to hear or see, I’m a nice guy, I promise!


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BigJapester11 is a certified Xbox Ambassador