Razer Quick Charging Stand for Xbox – Review

A gamer’s biggest nightmare, besides plummeting MMR and KD, is dead batteries.
Where Xbox has the lead on this over other platforms, except for some PC peripheral brands, is that their controllers come with a lot for removable batteries. This means that when the batteries die, you can just pop others in and keep going. When the batteries get old and can’t hold charge anymore, you replace them. I know many would disagree and say built in batteries are king. However, in my opinion, the only thing worse than batteries dying in game is realising you have to stop because you need to charge, or knowing your batteries won’t last lon

Well – Razer has come up with a product that would be a great replacement for your standard, and rechargeable, AAs. The Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand.

Design and Specs

The Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox is yet another well thought through product from a brand that doesn’t compromise on quality.

The Quick Charging Stand will accencuate any Xbox set up as it comes in a variety of colour options. So if you’re looking to match you charging stand, controller, and headset, then there’s a colour colour option for you as the Razer Quick Charging Stand is available in Carbon Black, Shock Blue, Robot White, Pulse Red, Electric Volt, Aqua Shift, Deep Pink, Mineral Camo, Lunar Shift, and Velocity Green. All the same colours as the official Xbox controllers.
And if mismatch colouring to rival technicolour dreamcoats is your thing, there’s more than enough options available to go crazy with.

The Razer Universal Charging station is named that for a reason – its universally compatible with all Xbox controllers. And comes with it’s own battery pack and two battery bay covers to work with both the newer and older version of the Xbox controllers. The only controller its not compatible with is the Xbox Elite 2 controller.

With the included replacement battery in your controller, the Razer Quick Charging station can take your completely depleted battery to 100% charge in just 3 hours. And if you’re charging overnight, like most of us do, the charger comes standard with overcharge protection to prevent overheating and short circuiting, ensuring you have peace of mind and that the controller can rest comfortably on the charging station even when fully charged with no negative effects on the battery.

The Razer Quick Charging Stand makes use of a magnetic contact system to ensure that the connection is made every time and that it stays connected the whole time. No guess work and nasty surprises the next morning when you come to play and see that your controller didn’t charge due to miscontact (that’s a word now).
The charging stand works through a Type A to Type C USB cable and can be easily plugged into an available USB port on your Xbox or PC, or through a USB charging adapter or wall socket.

Final Verdict

The Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox from Razer is a great addition to any gaming set up. Razer have once again ensured quality and made sure to negate as much “user error” from the process of charging your controller with magnetic contact and overcharge protection. That peace of mind in itself, goes a long way.
In using the fully charged battery provided with the charging stand, one charge was able to make it through all gaming sessions we had and we found that we were never left in the lurch with a flat battery and scrambling for a charging cable or new batteries.
The Universal Charging Stand is for one controller and so multiple will need to be bought if you have more than one controller. This can be seen as a drawback as one charging stand costs around R800 but the batteries are good quality and having controllers displayed on these really do look good.

We had no issues with the charging stand and would definitely look at making it a permanent feature in our gaming set up. The R800 cost for a single controller charger does seem high but build quality and design do make up for that.

A big thank you to Apex Interactive SA for allowing us the chance to use this product.