SARR started out in 2013 as a social club for racers on Forza Motorsport and Xbox 360.

SARR was started for members with a passion for Simulated Racing, the passion for competitive racing against other members from the Xbox Forza Motorsport community in South Africa.

Weekly racing themed events are hosted in simulated racing categories in conjunction with real life racing championships and series. Racing is simulated as per real events to the limit of the game, like our name says, “Real Racing”, meaning we simulate our racing series as real as possible.

Our aim as SARR is to create a fun, yet competitive, racing environment for drivers with the passion for racing.

SARR hosts weekly events on various racing games, from the endurance pushing cars of Le Mans, bumper-to-bumper nudging of Touring Cars, the roar of a V8 down Bathurst, the smoke trail from a drift machine, the dirty suspensions of Rally Monster to being behind the wheel of an F1 car. Events are hosted on Thursday nights @ 20:00 GMT+2.

SARR has hosted Replicated events with fully replicated designs and vehicle specifications as for the Engen Volkswagen Polo Cup and National Production Car Championship of South Africa with backing from the teams and organizers. Members have also competed in the international Virtual Championships hosted by TORA – The Online Racing Association, here is where the “Big Boys” of the Virtual racing community hang out.

In the years, SARR has grown in numbers and we aim to further the Virtual Simulation Racing Community for our drivers and new members in South Africa as well as the world.

SARR has also gotten affiliations on board from the likes of ADFUNDA, SN PHOTO LAB and EARLY AXES. We thank them for the support into the Virtual Racing Community.

Follow SARR on Facebook, SA Real Racing, for all events, rules and upcoming championships and check out our Pined Post. For more info, contact us via email, sarr.forza@gmail.com or send us a message on social media: www.facebook.com/sarealracing or www.twitter.com/sarealracing

SARR welcomes all to come out and try one of our events or compete for the championships in a series.


“We are Racing”