Demo Land Ramblings: Styx – Shards of Darkness

To infinity and beyond… This is my first pick from the available titles on the XBOX store. No “rAgrets”! …Go on then, go google it. Let’s be honest, the cinematic that welcomed me wasn’t all that impressive from a visual point of view. Some parts made me think they built the images on Minecraft. Copy, paste and bam. There is your block cup sir. The humour made up for every block showed though!

Let’s take a peep through the keyhole, shall we. I have never played this game before and whilst playing I thought the plot to be a little goblin stealing from humans trying to escape prison. If you have played this game, you would know that this is not even remotely close to the actual plot. As per our friend Wikipedia; Styx must infiltrate the Dark Elven city of Korangar to uncover why the dark elves have formed an alliance with the dwarves. Maybe I was a little close? No? Okay… moving on.

Camera angle view is incredible! I feel like they definitely found the sweet spot of placing the protagonist. Default control sensitivity just right. The developers did a lot of right here and they need a pat on the back for that. The absolute best? Left D-pad saves your game for you. How is this not a standard for all games!? One flaw I have to mention is the “combat”. Terrible, best you make sure you do not get detected or you will suffer a quick frustrating death. Listen up Cyanide, we understand that this is supposed to be a stealth game, but seriously? At least give the little goblin a chance!

I would compare this game to Assassins Creed Chronicles series. Update 2.0. You know, when that 2D game finally releases in 3D… You have your odd little wooden buildings, your guards, jumping, sliding, rope climbing, throwing stuff. The list goes on. Not too long, but it does.

A humorous, underrated gem this is. Sadly, the demo only gives us the first level for free. Would I buy the full game? Already have!