E3 so far

E3 2017 is only into its second day and already it has over delivered in so many areas!  I am going to give you my Top surprises for E3 so far.  Please note that up to this point not all developers have had their chance to announce their new titles so for now ill be looking at Electronic Arts, Bethesda and Microsoft.  So lets jump in.


EA is bringing a serious amount of  titles to the consumer.  They have a host of new titles and a few familiar faces with new fresh takes on them.  We will see the likes of FIFA 18 with cover star Renaldo, Madden 18 gets a story mode, NBA live 18 will combine street hoops with a tournament style play, Battlefield 1 gets night maps and a Russian expansion that brings females to the battlefield, Need for Speed Payback takes a page from the Fast and the Furious book,  A Way Out takes prison escaping to a split screen co-op place,  Bioware and EA bring us Anthemcould it be a Destiny fighter? What really stood out to me was Battlefront 2, EA has gone through a lot of trouble to iron out all the kinks left by the previous iteration.  Although they mostly focused on multiplayer, it was confirmed that there will be a campaign and that this game will span all the eras of Star Wars.  the Trailer, here, really shows what a beautiful and lush game this will be, Star Wars and non-Star Wars fans will rejoice.  Please excuse the trailer as this is how EA announced it.


Bethesda is a intriguing company to say the least, they opened their E3 from their own Theme park named Bethesdaland where they announced a couple of really exciting titles.  Both Fallout 4 and DOOM are getting a VR version ( FALLOUT VR video here), Creation Lab is somewhere where external developers can create mods for titles like Fallout 4.  Dishonored 2  gets a stand-alone-DLC called Death of the Outsider. The Evil Within 2 delivers another frightening yet slick trailer for what seems to be nail-biting stuff.  this all builds up to the cacophony of excitement that culminated into the Return of BJ Blazkowicz in Wolfenstein 2:The new Colossus which in true Bethesda style looks simply amazing, Check it out here.


Microsoft had a lot to announce, and I mean A LOT!  I’m going to start with the elephant in the room, the XBOX X the new seriously beefed up console with all its 4K glory will be hitting us on 7th November WORLDWIDE yes worldwide!  I’m not going to get into the console too much, for that check out my article on it.   Forza 7 was announced in all its beautiful 4K glory, this time giving you more cars and more driver customization. Metro:Exodus impressed with astounding visuals and the eeriness that has made it so notorious, be sure to keep this one on your radars.  Assassins Creed: Origins  is going back to ancient times, this time heading to Egyptian times with 2 new protagonists.  Here are a few more titles, Anthem, Ashen, Code Vein, DBZ Fighter Z, Life is Strange, Ori and the will of Wisps.  The most notable ones to follow were Minecraft in wonderful 4K blocks, Zombie survival State of Decay 2, Mass Destruction in Crackdown 3the Highly anticipated PlayerUnknown’s Battleground but to me the game that stole the show is my Favorite, the sea-faring,swashbuckling, mead drinking, ship plundering masterpiece Sea of Thieves!

That is it for E3 up to today, Tonight is Ubisoft so make sure to catch all the action