Do you want games at half the price? Of course you do! Do you have a buddy that you love to game with but he or she doesn’t quite have the same game library that you have?  Fear not!  There is a solution and I am here to enlighten you.

I am sure you have all heard people mentioning “gamesharing” I am here to explain it all to you!

The xbox one comes with a feature allowing you to own multiple consoles in different locations but allowing you to purchase a digital game once and playing them across both these consoles by using the  “home xbox” feature.  Gamesharing allows you to share games with one (and only one) other account.




  • An Xbox one Console
  • A trusted friend (someone you trust to have access to your Live passwords etc)
  • Xbox Live account


  1. Acquire Friend/family member’s details


This is the most important part of gamesharing, you will be giving this person sensitive information so be sure to trust them.  We take no responsibility for anything that happens regarding sharing of information.  You need this persons Live email account as well as their password.  Once you have this you can move on to the next step.


  1. Add new account to your xbox one console


Time to create a new account on your console, head over to the create profile section and create an account using your friend/ family members details.  Once created, log in with their profile.


  1. Set as Home Console

Now that you are signed in to your friend/family members profile head over to the settings – personalization –my home xbox and then select make this my home xbox. ( take note this can only be changed 3 times in a space of 365 days from 1st change)

Once this is done your friend can choose to follow the same steps using your details.


  1. Checking your new library

You can now log back into your own profile and head over to your games & apps section and navigate to your Ready to install area.  You should now see all your friends games and apps ready to download




  • EA Access can be shared as well
  • Xbox Live Gold can also be shared
  • Both persons can play same game at same time
  • You can only game share with one person at a time
  • Once game sharing has been set up, both parties can change your live passwords without affecting anything.


I hope my quick guide to Gamesharing will help you all!  Feel free to send me mails on what I can help you with in future.