Logitech G705 – Review

The world we live in has become one that must be understanding and inclusive of so many variants of everything. Inclusive for everything from colour, gender, shapes, and sizes. Everyone has a place in this world.

Logitech has created its Aurora-Range, which the G705 is a part of, focusing on being gender-inclusive and possibly less on performance and more on being stylish and comfortable. The range consists of a wireless headset (G735), a wired and wireless keyboard (G713/G715) as well as a wireless mouse, the one we are reviewing today.


Sensor ModelLogitech Lightsync
Max Sensitivity8200 DPI
Polling Rates1000 Hz
Programmable Buttons6
LED Zones3
Connectivity2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth, wired (USB-C)
Battery Life40 hours (RGB on) / 145 hours (RGB off)
Measurements (L x W x H)105.8 x 68.1 x 39.4 mm
Weight (excluding cable) 85g

Design & Inside the Box

The Logitech G705 is a tiny gaming mouse, with both lightspeed and Bluetooth capabilities. It has six programmable buttons and comes in a very pretty white colour and features RGB lighting that is specifically created for the Aurora collection. The base of the G705 is coloured in “mist-white” with lavender accents on the buttons and scroll wheel. The G705 features diffused RGB light strips in three zones around the back curve. The three zones are generally described as left- and right-click buttons and then the palm area. The standard RGB, which is a combo of pastel pink-blue, is really beautiful.

The G705 is admittedly on the small side. Even for myself, who doesn’t have large hands, the G705 is still small. A good comparison would be the G305, yet the G705 is still shorter in length. The G705 has a left/right click, scroll wheel, DPI switch, and two thumb buttons. Turning the mouse over, you will find a connection button to switch between the 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. There is also a power toggle slide. The G705 also features large skates to let the mouse glide well across any mousepad surface.

Since the G705 is a rather small mouse, the buttons are very easy to reach even for small hands and short fingers. The buttons are tactile with a minimal click, and the scroll wheel is notched and does not have the option for a free roll as many other mice do, but this is not a problem.

Inside the box, you will find the mouse, a 2.4GHz wireless dongle, a USB-C to USB-A charging cable, and a USB-C to USB-A adapter. The mouse does not have a place to store the dongle inside the mouse, like many of the other wireless Logitech mice. But the mouse and its attachments can fit into a heart-shaped carry case that can fit the G735 headset as well.

Performance and Features

The Logitech G705 certainly does not look like a gaming mouse but underneath its soft and pretty exterior is a fairly capable device, much like the G305 which certainly surprised a couple of people in just how capable it is. The G705 is fitted with a Lightspeed sensor which is good for 100 – 8200 DPI at a 1 kHz polling rate.

I took the G705 through the current games I am playing, which are Modern Warfare 2 and The Last of Us. Thanks to the two large skates that the G705 has, it glides really well for a small, but weighty, mouse. The buttons felt good and the clicks feel confident and the wireless, or lightspeed, connection did not falter even once, as expected from Logitech. The main drawback, personally, is the size, and this is no reason to look at it negatively, it is simply aimed at users with smaller hands.

In terms of features, the G705 is not a Swiss knife crammed with plenty of features. Generally, the Logitech G range does not try and cram every single feature into every single device. Firstly you will have to download the G Hub software if you want to fiddle and change any of the settings of the G705. Once installed you are able to change the programmable buttons, sensitivity, and light sync settings.

The battery life of the G705 is respectable considering that Logitech rates it to be good for 40 hours with the RGB on and a very impressive 145 hours with RGB turned off. And let’s be honest, what makes the Aurora Line so special and pretty is the RGB option that is only found in this range, so turning off the RGB is not really an option.


The G705 does not reinvent the gaming mouse, but it is certainly a very pretty alternative for someone with smaller hands and/or someone who might not consider themselves the most hardcore gamer, and would rather have a good-looking setup. Especially if you buy into the whole Aurora range it will make your setup look extremely pretty.

I don’t think Logitech brought out the Aurora range with the idea of taking over a specific bracket of the market but rather to make a good-looking range while allowing people to express themselves through their PC peripherals. it certainly is not for everyone but that is okay because it is meant for someone…

Special thanks to Logitech for supplying the review content