NOOB Juice – Review


Noob Juice is a product launched by e-sips, and a first of its kind. It is relatively new to the market and takes a different approach to most energy drinks as it is focused on young gamers. We (old men) got the opportunity to sample this product and the results were impressive.

Noob Juice is a pretty solid gaming product and, while it is not perfect for every situation, it certainly delivers a nice boost of energy and can calm nerves, which is quite important in some gaming situations.
For what you are getting in the product the price is fair and the taste of the “strawberry and raspberry” flavour is pretty good.


We reviewed NOOB Juice in four categories.

  • We first start by looking at its ingredient profile.
    This portion of the review looks at the different ingredients used in the nootropic, and what their intentions are.
  • We then look at effectiveness.
    An effective nootropic product will use high-quality, proven ingredients, at clinically backed dosages. This is generally an extension of the profile section.
  • Then we move into the taste of the different flavours we’ve tried.
    We grade each flavour separately and average the scores for their overall taste rating. We were able to test out the following flavours: Strawberry and Raspberry.
  • Finally, we talk about value.
    Value is the combination of profile, effectiveness, taste and mixability in relation to cost. Another part of the value is the competitors and other versions of nootropic products on the market.



The profile is actually quite impressive!

To start, you get 500mg of L-carnitine tartrate which helps prevent exercise fatigue and muscle weakness. With that, you get Tyrosine which can help with focus under stress and is our favourite ingredient for focus.

Following this, you get 200mg of Theanine! Which helps to support alertness, relaxation, and sleep. The appeal of L-theanine stems from its ability to support a state of alert relaxation, so it can calm you down without causing drowsiness.

Remembering that this product is aimed at young gamers and certain games, what they call “nerves” can set in under intense situations. The nerves cause anxiety and can quite literally make you shake. Well, Theanine is there to combat that and help you make better decisions under those circumstances.

Following this you get 500mg of L-Tyrosine which has been used in alternative medicine as a possibly effective aid in improving mental performance, alertness, or memory. L-Tyrosine has also been used to treat depression or attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD).

Lastly, 200mg of Inositol which can balance certain chemicals in the body to help with mental conditions such as panic disorder, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Finally, of course, Caffeine! Which is part of most energy drinks… but not Noob Juice!!!

Which is 100% CAFFEINE FREE!!



I was sceptical at first (but excited about the product), but happy to admit that it grew on me.

To start, we have to say that we would not recommend this as a drink replacement for activities outside of gaming, but as a gaming product, it performs better than we thought it would.

During our testing over a 2-week period and playing, mostly the popular game Warzone, I found that my KD increased in a good way… considering I’m not all that good (just ask my friends – if I had any. LOL.) One thing I did realise, was my behaviour was calmer, my decision-making was better while I played, even when under stressful/intense situations. By no means did Noob Juice make me a pro (even though I felt like one), however it helped with decision-making – which is perfect!


Strawberry and Raspberry flavour: (7/10)

NOOB Juice currently comes in one flavour, which is ‘Strawberry and Raspberry’. It is a powder-based drink that mixes with water, and therefore not highly carbonated, which is amazing! And better for your health (even slightly).

I did find that it certainly has a sweet and sour taste to it with a aromatic smell, although it did leave an after taste in the mouth. Nothing bad, just weird but does dissipate the more you have, although after a time you do get used to it. Then again, I am like 150 years old and not a spring chicken like the youth.



You get a 200g tub of NOOB Juice from Takealot for R299 which makes 8L of juice… this works out to R7.50 a glass (which is amazing), this makes it a better choice over other energy drinks that are not suitable for young gamers in my opinion.


Thanks to e-sips for providing us with samples to review.