Razer Kaira for PlayStation – Review

If you are a PlayStation gamer, or a PC gamer with an affinity for PlayStation and their design, and are in the market for a new headset then Razer has something right up your alley.

The Kaira range of headsets from Razer is a solid addition to any gaming quiver but now they’ve made it personal (in a good way) and brought out the Kaira range for PlayStation.

Design and Performance

With its white headband, black ear cups and blue Razer logos, the Kaira is a good-looking headset and won’t look out of place in most setups, especially not with a PlayStation 5.
Staying true to its roots, the Kaira’s colouring isn’t the only thing that makes this headset look good. With its Traditional headset design and sturdy look and feel, the Kaira is a well-made, good-looking piece of technology.

Comfort was definitely one of the main contributing factors to the Razer Kaira headset, as it is with most Razer headsets as we are yet to find one that doesn’t feel good for hours at a time.
The Kaira makes use of Flowknit Memory Foam ear cushions that will easily mould to the shape of your head while in use, and return to their original state after use. This allows multiple users of the Kaira to all experience the same tailored for me sensation when using the Kaira.

Weighing in at only 332g, the Kaira is lightweight and allows for extended usage with minimal (if any) user fatigue, and with its perfect balance (as everything should be), the Kaira has very few stress points on the head while in use.

Once again, Razer has made use of their trademarked 50mm TriForce drivers, which deliver clear and precise sound right when you need it, allowing the user to make those critical in-game decisions on when and how hard to whip on that gamer who thinks they got the drop on you. After that – the rest is on you.

Razer opted to leave their Chroma RGB off of this version of the headset. This was to boost the time in which you can use the headset with a single charge usage time of up to 30 hours!
With that being said – the Razer Kaira is obviously then a wireless headset (why would worry about battery life if it wasn’t wireless – right?). The Kaira can connect to devices through a 2.4GHz wireless dongle or Bluetooth. It is compatible with PlayStation 4 and 5, mobile devices through Bluetooth, and PC through wireless or Bluetooth.

The Kaira can be connected through a wireless connection while connected to a mobile device on Bluetooth at the same time. Calls from the Bluetooth device will automatically come through the headset and switch back to game audio when the call is done – convenience is key after all!
The connection type of the Kaira can be easily switched through the use of the SmartSwitch button on the right earcup.

In fact – all the controls you need for your gaming experience can be found conveniently located on the earcups. With power on/off, audio volume and mic mute on the left earcup and SmartSwitch and mic monitoring volume on the left earcup. The SmartSwitch button also allows you to toggle between various default sound setting profiles like Default, Amplified, Enhanced Bass, and FPS, as well as a Custom setting where you can tweak and fine-tune the settings to your liking through the use of the Razer Mobile App.

The mic itself on the Kaira is a nondetachable, unidirectional, cardioid mic that delivers crisp and clear audio to the people on the other side of the connection which only boosts team morale as nothing is worse than trying to decipher callouts behind a wall of static.

My Experience

With my not having a PlayStation console of any sort since a PS2 way back in the day, I used the Razer Kaira for PlayStation exclusively on PC. And this was by no means a bad thing.

The first little hiccup I had was that the Kaira didnt connect with my Razer Synapse App and so I couldn’t really adjust things on my PC. This was, however, very easily resolved by downloading the Razer Audio App and using that to adjust the settings through Bluetooth. With this being said, the preset soud options on the Kaira are really decent and I generally found myself quite content with just using one of those – usually opting for Default or FPS.

The second little hiccup I had was by no fault of Razer or the headset but rather due to my electricity. Between Loadshedding and outages due to damage from the KZN floods, I found myself very rarely get the opportunity to play games with the Kaira because I was sitting in darkness. When the lights were on and the internet connection was stable, I took every chance I could get with the headset and I must say – I loved it!

The first thing that stood out to me, besides the PlayStation colour scheme, was the overall sturdiness of the headset. Although it doesn’t have metallic accents, the Kaira is a really solid, well-made headset that, I think, will stand up in most endurance tests.
The second thing that stood out for me when I put the headset on was its comfort. Razer has always impressed me with how comfortable their headsets are and the Kaira is no exception to this. I could game for hours at a time with no pressure points causing discomfort and an overall sensation of the headset floating, more than sitting on your head.

The battery life on the Kaira for PlayStation is impressive and I’ve found that I only had to recharge my headset a couple of times in the time that I spent with it (might be thanks to it sitting on my headset stand in the darkness) but it does boast an impressive battery life of up to 30 hours, as stated earlier on in this review.

I found the audio feedback I received from the Kaira during gaming to be crisp and clear and enough for me to make good decisions (other than those caused by user error) and to use them while listening to music or watching a movie on my laptop also produced a very pleasing result. The verbal audio was clear the and music was crispy.
The mic, as is to be expected with Razer, brought about no complaints from my gaming buddies and the feedback I recieved from them was that all my comms were loud and clear – maybe sometimes too loud in tense moments.

Final Verdict

The Razer Kaira for PlayStation is a very solid headset and will improve any gaming experience. With its long battery life, comfort, PlayStation, and sturdy design, there is very little wrong with this headset.
I would personally recommend this even to PC exclusive players as I had very little issues with it on my PC.

It’s ease of use with all the controls you need in easy reach on the headset means you don’t have to constantly open other apps to adjust things, allowing for more concentration and focus to be given on the task at hand.

The word Kaira in Latin means “Beloved” or “Friend” and I am confident that anybody who makes the Razer Kaira for PlayStation their headset will agree that this headset lives up to that name!

We award the Kaira for PlayStation gaming headset a solid 4 out of 5!

A big thanks to our friends at Apex Interactive for letting us spend some time with this headset.