Logitech G Pro Keyboard

In recent years, the full-sized keyboard has become something that only the diehard types or those who do data entry for a living, would use.  As the gaming community has grown and the esports community with it, the demand for peripherals that give only what you need and nothing unnecessary, so came the birth of the TKL keyboards.  Tenkeyless keyboards (TKL) are full-sized keyboards that simply remove the Numpad section.   Not only does this open the keyboard up to be a fully used item instead of having the right side of the board stare at you for 95% of its life not being used or touched, but it also saves valuable space on your desk.  For the likes of us who are in an esports environment where space is more of a luxury than a need, the extra space is godsent.

Naturally, the gaming brands immediately all decided to create their own version of the TKL keyboards.  Most of them are great and can do all you need and more while looking great for a great price.  But there are not many that can match the legendary Logitech G Pro Keyboard.  As I said, you might find imitators around every corner but there is a reason that so many of the greatest esports organizations around the world use Logitech and the G Pro range as their go-to tools.  Premium hardware does come at a premium price, we are going to take a look at why…




Logitech has had some, er, “interesting” designs for some of their peripherals in the past.  The G Pro sticks to the sleek and professional, “ready for business” look with no frills.  Just a sleek plain keyboard without the Numpad.  Featuring the synonymous illuminated G logo on the top left and only two soft-touch keys to the right, the G Pro epitomizes the less-is-more mantra.  The two soft-touch buttons that can be found on the right of the keyboard are to turn off the RGB and the other is a game mode.  For those who are not familiar with the game-mode button, it is to ensure that you do not accidentally Alt-Tab out of your game as well as disabling the pesky Windows key.

Measuring in at only 36cm x 15cm x 3.5cm it is definitely a small, compact, and attractive keyboard. The G Pro comes with a USB-C cable that features the same hooks that you can find on many of the Logitech G devices.  The cable is also braided which does help if you are planning on traveling with the G Pro.  Unfortunately, unlike some of its competitors, it does not come with a travel case so keeping the box would be a clever idea if you are planning to take it traveling.





Logitech has prided themselves in their very own switches.  The Romer-G mechanical switches from Logitech can easily be compared to the industry standard, the Cherry switches.  And the cherries do reign supreme if you look across the industry, the Romer-G range of switches do a great job to take the fight to the Cherries.  Logitech has evolved their Romer-G switches and now consists of a whole host of variants.  The Romer-G range has a Tactile option, which gives very quiet yet discernable feedback and is perfect for FPS- and competitive gaming environments.  The Romer-G Linear switches are great for when you need to tap away and even half presses will be actuated and this means they are great for MMO-type games.

Moving to the GX range, the GX Blue has the unmistakable mechanical keyboard click, and is for those who love the familiar click!  The GX Brown is very quiet and can be compared to the Tactile Romer-G switches, the quietest of the range they do well in the competitive environment.  And lastly, the GX Red provides a very fluid and smooth actuation point and is wonderful if you need to do extensive typing and keyboard work.



The G Pro that we had for review was indeed a GX Blue and compared to the G915 TKL we had before, which was the GX Red version, the Blue switches really are rather loud.  This departure from the usual Romer-G switches and more towards the Cherry-like GX switches is definitely something the pros have obviously asked for, and who are we to argue with the pro’s they certainly know better!  There is not much to say about the mechanical switches and that is not a good nor a bad thing.  If you are familiar with the Romer-G switches or the Cherry variants you will know exactly what you are in for when you grab your G Pro keyboard.




The Logitech G Pro keyboard does not come with many features that many other keyboards have.  I mean, you don’t even get a Numpad, so what were you expecting?  But instead, the magic comes in the ever-reliable GHub software.  Considering that the GPro is aimed at the tournament players programmable keys and macros are still available, but are not really a focus.  The RGB and macro settings are all much like they have always been.  The thing that really sets the GPro apart is the fact that you are able to set one profile to the keyboard’s internal memory.  This means that even when plugging this keyboard into a PC without any 3rd party software, the keyboard will remember your settings and have them active.  This is wonderful for the tournament and esports players.



The only negative that I could find with the GPro keyboard is the lack of media keys.  For someone who is using this keyboard for only gaming, it is perfect but if you are planning on hopping between gaming, work, and the odd media, the media keys, with the volume wheel like the G815/G915 has is a welcome addition.





Since the GPro arrived on the scene it has arguably been the keyboard to which all other epsorts-focused keyboards have been measured.  Most have performed well but very few have been able to trump the all-powerful GPro, which has gone from strength to strength with the latest addition, the GPro X.  Paired with the best switch to suite your style and the GPro becomes a giant amongst mere mortal keyboards, the wired setup allows for the quickest response time and the switches provide solid and uniform feedback that allows for the greatest confidence when hitting them  The GPro is not going to make you a pro, but when you are looking to gain those little inches, the GPro is definitely one to give you a few.

If you are in the market for a premium, esports-orientated TKL keyboard the Logitech GPro is definitely the way to go.  Sleek and minimal in design it fits straight into any setup be it for work or play.  Pairing it with the correct switch is however extremely crucial as if you end up with the Blue switches and you are planning to use it in an office environment, you will have some unhappy co-workers.



special thanks to Logitech G for supplying the review content