X-Gamer Hyper Berries – Review

Life is draining and tiring and we all need a little kick and boost and the go-to substance for that would be a good strong cup of coffee, and if that does not do it, there is a whole string of energy drinks.  These energy drinks come with a host of names, colors, and even more controversial ingredients.  As gamers, we are all looking for something to give us that boost when we are pushing through that “one last game” phase of the evening.  When reflexes are failing and concentration has become that of a goldfish.  And with us being in the wonderful South Africa, where we do not have the certainty of water, electricity, or GFuel, we are left with a predicament.  Fortunately, there is a worthy replacement, and it is called X-Gamer!

X-Gamer is a powdered energy drink that, as the label says, is a focus and energy formula.  What truly sets X-Gamer apart from your general run-of-the-mill energy drinks is the fact that it does not rely on sugar to do the work.  This is one of the main advantages of X-Gamer as it removes the crash that is caused by the working out of the sugar, like the more traditional energy drinks.  X-Gamer caters to all with its host of varied flavors as well, from the traditional flavors such as mango, melon grape, and berry, there is even fruit cocktail and cola, which are known as Hyperbeast and Hydrastorm respectively.

Main Ingredients

After doing some reading and lots of research about how Caffeine and Taurine work we have come to the following conclusion, and we are simply gamers, so don’t take our crude explanation as to the final word on it.  X-Gamer has two primary ingredients being Caffeine and Taurine.  Caffeine is a great ingredient to fight fatigue and enhance focus while giving energy and stamina.  Caffeine acts as an adenosine receptor blocker, telling your brain that you are not tired or fatigued. Caffeine is able to stimulate these receptors without affecting your neural activity which means that it will take longer for you to feel mentally fatigued, this means concentration for longer!

Taurine is the other compound that is found largely in X-Gamer, and unlike many of the rumors of where and how Taurine is made, it is actually is an amino acid that is known to help sustain energy levels.  Taurine is responsible for creating what is known as bile salts that help to maintain hydration and electrolyte balance.  This is naturally great for people who play sports as well.



X-Gamer has a host of other vitamins and minerals that I am not going to mention in detail but they all play a part in energy levels and maintain hydration.  One of the most notable ingredients however is Niacin which is a vasodilator which means it helps to increase blood flow throughout the body which in turn help the spreading of nutrients around the body helping to keep you feeling better for longer




I am someone who has dipped into nearly every energy drink on the market.  Be it the big names, the little names, the obscure, even the “scientifically proven” ones.  And yes, some of them do work, to a point.  Most of the time, the ones that do work also have a side effect.  The side effect mostly being a big down after it has worked its way through your system.  Either a significant dry mouth or in some extreme cases, headaches.  I put this down to the lack of fluids being taken, when I mean fluids I mean something closer to the good old H2O.  Nearly all energy drinks are carbonated and that is not a good replacement for water.



X-Gamer recommends that you mix two scoops (supplied) to 400ml water, varying the amount of water to adjust the taste.  I started off with one scoop to 400ml of water and later adjusted it to two scoops.  From the very first time drinking it I immediately felt the difference.  Unlike other energy drinks where you might feel a physical “buzz” or sensations, I did not experience anything of that sort, but instead, I did feel more alert.  I found myself to be able to focus and stay focused for longer periods at a time.  This is a great health(ier) option for those who need to put in long hours of work or play.

Taking the X-Gamer into a competitive environment the results were satisfactory.  Playing a fair amount of Rainbow 6 Siege, it was only natural to take X-Gamer and see if it would affect the way I play.  And it certainly did, It will not take an average gamer and make them become pro by any means but it will help for a more focused approach and it certainly did sharpen up my decision-making in demanding scenarios.  In a more relaxed environment such as Sea of Thieves, I found that my general attention was better overall and even after the effects had worn off I still did not experience a sudden crash and an overwhelming feeling of tiredness or fatigue.


X-Gamer Hyper Berries is a really delicious flavored energy drink that provides the mental boost that can be achieved by other energy drinks while having none of the negative after-effects of those energy drinks.  Consisting of less sugar, and therefore not being the overly sweet monstrosities that other energy drinks often are, It is only logical that X-Gamer has a very strong place in the energy drink market.   X-Gamer won’t turn you into an instant pro player but it will increase your level of concentration and leave you feeling fresher for longer which is a win for any gamer who needs to put in that “one last game”.

With a price tag around the R600-R700 for a tub which will give you 60 servings, if you follow the recommended serving size, that works out to be around R11 per serving.  Comparing that to the prices of canned energy drinks, this is a no-brainer!


Thanks to Apex Interactive for the review content