The Heart of a gamer can never be stopped

Guys and gals about a month ago I discovered that one of my clan mates was in a serious accident and could only use his one hand to play games, at first I was in disbelief as I’ve seen people with 2 hands struggle, then I spoke to friends about it and a very good friend of his assured me, that this legend of a clanmate did in fact game with 1 hand.



I thought about this for a moment and it really inspired me, most people who have serious accidents feel defeated by life and then find the strength to carry on, which in itself is inspiring, but my now good friend Mr.T, which I will now code name him, took a greater step forward and found a way to carry on gaming without the help of expensive custom made controllers or voice-activated software, he mastered the art of holding an XBOX remote in one hand and playing games.



I asked Mr.T if I could interview him, he agreed, but my greatest challenge was, what questions to ask?  Do I ask about the accident? Do I ask what he misses most?  Then I thought why ask about the negative side of things.

Let’s ask this LEGEND the same questions I would ask anyone, with 1 or 2 being less of.  So asking questions which show the world that once you’re a gamer, you’re ALWAYS a gamer, showing that spirit and passion never dies and we as gamers are never alone in our struggles, we may be toxic at times, we may rage, we may relay in great detail what explicit things we’ve done to someone’s female parent…  But if it came down to it we would all support one another, lifting each other on our shoulders and giving them the drive to carry on….. and someone like Mr.T, he showed me that never giving up on what we love most is a good way to keep doing what we love most.



Were you a gamer before your accident?

– Yes, I used to play more PC games in the beginning, but after the release of the XBOX 360, I only then got into console gaming.

HA hear that “master Race

Why did you want to keep gaming?

– After my accident, I did not immediately take up gaming again, but due to boredom I tried until I could handle the controller, and have never looked back.

When “screw it” just won’t do.

What were the obstacles you had to overcome to keep gaming?

– The biggest obstacle physically was getting the controller to work for me since I play with a standard controller. Mentally it is the worry that what you do is bringing the team down.

If you’ve ever seen him play Siege, you’d think he was MNK.

 What is the greatest challenge you still face as a gamer?

– Because I move the right analog stick with my index finger, I am unable to make some of the quick / finer movements.

My thumb likes to think it’s a pinky from time to time…

What games do you enjoy playing?

– I play mainly co-op or party games since I game with my cousin. I hate playing alone. When it comes to genres or types, I really cannot choose, if it is interesting, I will play it.

There is nothing better than jamming with friends….

What’s your all-time favorite game?

– That is a difficult one to answer, but for the past few years, I would have to say Rainbow Six Siege.

YES FOLKS SIEGE….and why??!?!?!!? Because siege is life

When you’re not gaming what do you like to do?

– Read manga or watch YouTube / Netflix.

Man after my own heart

Do you get any help when you game?

– I sometimes ask my cousins to play parts of games if I struggle, but it does not happen often due to them being in different towns.

I still need help, I’m yet to make it off that damn bridge in Darksouls…Don’t judge me

What game moment made you rage the hardest?

– I cannot remember really, but know that Crash Bandicoot has made me rage quit and switch the console off.

Ahhh yes, the one who started it all…..stupid spikes traps EVERY TIME I JUMP THEN YOU GO UP!!!!!!


Fellow Gamers lets all raise our remotes, our mice? Mouses? Whatever you pc people call them and our phones, yes mobile gamers we include you too, and salute a fellow gamer, through sheer will power, determination and a bit of boredom found his way home and took back his place in front of the monitor, screen, Full HD 292-inch tv with crisp refreshes and crystal clear sound and….. sorry Takealot shopping is NOT your friend when trying to make a point, *AHEM* welcome back gamer, you will always find a place on my squad and a spot in my party chat and above all else… my Respect.