Astro A10 Generation 2 – Review

The name Astro has long been synonymous with high-end wired and wireless headsets that are very popular amongst high-end enthusiasts and many pro-e-sports players.  But not everyone is able to spend large amounts of money on a headset, and for this reason, many people have placed the Astro brand out of reach for gamers that are tight on budget.  But fortunately, a couple of years back, Astro, which is a gaming division of the mighty Logitech, said, to hell with this idea.  And they made something that could keep up with the higher echelons of gaming gear while fighting with the more entry-level prices.  This is how the Astro A10 wired headset was born…  A couple of years later and we have seen a few generations of the A10, all looking more or less the same apart from a few colour and small styling changes.

But, much like the last few years have changed us, so too has it changed the Astro A10s, they have transformed, and we are lucky enough to be one of the first people to lay our hands on them.  Let us take a look!

Design and Features

Straight off the bat, the first, most noticeable thing about the 2022 Astro A10s is how, instead of the square, straight lines of the previous generations, the new version has opted to go with a rounded look.  The previous generation A10, much like its bigger brothers, the A40 and A50, went for a straight-line design, where the new generation replace it for a rounded look, giving it an extremely modern look. The Astro A10 generation has also copied the newer generations of A40 and A50 with the ability to replace the headband and earcup memory foam. This is perfect for when you need to refresh your current headset.

The Astro A10 generation 2 is another top headset that competes in the budget headset genre.  With Astro being known for its premium headsets, it’s naturally expected that Astro has had to leave out some features to ensure the Astro A10 generation 2 can compete with the ever-growing competition.  From a build quality point, no corners were cut here, the headset still features strong hard plastic, memory foam covered ear cups, and a headband that ensures a comfortable fit.

One could argue that, unlike its more expensive brothers, the Astro A10 generation 2 does not feature a removable boom microphone, instead, Astro has replaced it with a fixed boom mic but with a clever mute feature when you flip the microphone up, making up for the lack of a mute button.  Another way that Astro has reduced the price of the A10 is by making the 3mm thick cable is unwoven which means that it could tear or twist rather easily.  Fortunately, thanks to the omittance of the mute button from the cable, this cable can be easily replaced with a different one.

Although the Astro A10 generation 2 has adequate amounts of memory foam on both the earcups and the headband, the earcups are very small.  The Astro A10 generation 2 is meant to be an over-ear headset, just like the previous generation but Astro has seemingly changed the earcup size dramatically.  Unless your ears are really small there is no chance of you using the Astro A10 generation 2 as an over-ear headset, instead, you will need to use them as an on-ear.  Which is not my favorite or most comfortable setup?  The Astro A10 Gen 2 ticks so many of the boxes, including the most important for many, in the current economy, the price.  Marketed to compete with some tough competition like the Corsair HS50, and the Razer Kraken X, which do have 7.1 surround sound unlike the Astro A10 Generation 2. 

If the lack of surround sound does not bother you too much, the thing that truly strengthens the appeal of the Astro A10 Gen 2, then the ability of the A10 to be compatible with nearly all platforms makes it a truly versatile headset.  It is good to note that if you want to use the Astro A10 Gen 2 on PC, you need to use the supplied splitter.


The Astro A10 delivers a superb balanced audio experience. With perfectly balanced 32mm drivers that punch far above their weight. I jumped between some music, movies on the plane during my flight to Kenya, and some rounds of R6 Siege. Listening to music is a pure joy as the Astro A10 drivers deliver great music and are even better while watching movies. Action scenes with large explosions feel even bigger with the very full and rich sound that comes from the A10s. Explosions have sufficient low-end kick while bullets deliver great zing and crisp sound.

R6 Siege might not have the greatest audio mechanics at the current moment but the Astro A10s still did a spectacular job of providing great stereo accuracy. The Astro A10 microphone might not be the greatest out there, but it does a good job considering its price.


Astro has refreshed its superb entry-level headset for its second generation and with its splendid new design, it looks and feels like a headset that should cost considerably more than its RRP of R1199. For that budget price, you will have a headset that will work across multiple platforms while providing great build quality and wonderful sound.
If you don’t need surround sound and is fine with an on-ear headset instead of an over-ear, then the Astro A10 Generation 2 is simply stupendous.

Thanks to Logitech and Astro for the reviewed product